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December 11, 2015

Getting some idea of how much your posts are being seen on your Google+ Business Page

If you have a Google+ business page, there's no lack of information that you can get through Analytics, etc. I've tried to slog through all of the information, and believe me, the more I look at it the less I know. So it was just by accident this morning that I happened to find something actually useful on the Google My Business app on my phone. They call it "Reach" and it's in "Insights", and it tells me something that I had been suspecting for a long time - the vast majority of visits are from non-followers, not followers.

I've been telling my clients that followers aren't all that important on Google+, it's how many times your posts have been viewed. Your posts are, after all, indexed by Google, and people don't need to be on Google+, or be a "friend" or follower, or anything like that, to view the posts. They just have to look at them. And a lot of people do.

To for your business page, click "View Insights", and then select "Posts". As you an see from the graphic, the difference between the number of followers who reached the page in the last thirty days, and the number of non-followers, is substantial. 823 to 9,280.

I'm a big believer of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When people want to find out about something, they Google it. They don't necessarily read every post on every blog that they follow. So, continue to post on your Google+ business page, but don't be overly concerned about followers. It's reach that matters.

Yeah, I know that Google is just kind'a making this up as they go along, and all of the pieces aren't quite there yet. But their search engine is what most people use (sorry, Bing!) and that's the place to be.

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