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How to control what people see about you on Google+

Controlling what people see about you on the web is the best reason to have a Google+ account, and a Google Profile. And, unfortunately, in the November 2015 redesign, they made getting to the page that you need nearly impossible to find. But it's very important to find, so this is how.

Look for the little, teeny, tiny "circle-with-an-i" icon on your profile page. No, it's not Edit Profile, it's just to the left of that. Click on that and a page opens up, like at the top of this post that says, "Control what people see about you". This is where you edit stuff. Hopefully everything is at least spelled correctly! Now, don't panic if you see stuff that you don't want public, like your email, there are certain sections that are private, and they're clearly marked as such.

So take a look at this page. This is how you will show up on Google searches, so it's pretty important. Why they make this so tricky to get to I have no idea. I'm sure they mean well.

By the way, if you're on someone else's profile, this is where the "About" has been changed to, if you want to read about someone when you visit their page.