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December 4, 2015

Monetizing a great personality

Monetizing is a popular word on the internet today, and it just means figuring out a way to make money doing something that you would be doing anyway. So if you have a naturally great personality, and would like it to make money for you, you should. The world needs people like you, and is willing to pay for it. And here are some places where a great personality pays real money, not just "likes":

• Sales. OK, I had to start with that one. The very best salespeople are people with great personalities. Of course, we've all seen a lot of lousy salespeople, just like there are a lot of lousy actors, or singers. But sales isn't about being annoying, and twisting arms. It's about being enthusiastic about a product or service, and getting other people to be enthusiastic. If you're the kind of person that people go to for advice, whether about what movies to go, or what cell phone to buy, then guess what, you're already doing sales.

• Teaching. Sure, there are a lot of teachers who have lousy personalities, but think about the ones who are great. Teaching is just like sales - if you're enthusiastic about something, and you want to share it, then by all means be a teacher. If you have a great personality, please become a teacher - we need more people like you!

• Counseling. There's a lot of bad stuff in the world, and if you have a comforting personality you can touch people's lives when they need it most.

That's a good start. If God gave you a great personality, then it's a precious talent, and a talent that not only can be your life, but can be your livelihood. Now get out there and show the world your great personality! And if you're wondering what you're worth, just ask, "how do you like me now?" You may be surprised to find how much you are valued!

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