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Reaching a larger audience on Google+ than on Facebook

If you're new to Google+, you may be disappointed by the lack of immediate feedback, like you typically see from your friends on Facebook. But it really has to do with the difference between reaching a larger audience, and just sitting around and talking to your friends.

If you really have nothing to say, then by all means stay only on Facebook. Facebook is a light and friendly place, where the best thing that you can do is post pictures of cats, and keep the mood cheerful. Believe me, I love Facebook for that, and I look at it regularly. And I "like" just about everything that I see immediately.

But it's different on Google+. The larger audience out there really doesn't need random pictures of cats - that's what Facebook is for. Google+ is a place for ideas, and shared interests.

I've been on Google+ for about four years now and I gotta tell ya, it was slow at the start. I did get a few friends who clicked "follow" and then never went back, but it took a while to build an audience for my ideas and interests, like old photos of Phoenix. But little by little, people started finding my stuff. And they weren't my friends from high school, or someone who just clicked "follow" because they had heard that I had a new page somewhere. They were people who were interested in Phoenix history, and vintage photos of Phoenix.

Being in front of an audience can be a terrible experience. Sometimes you just wanna say, "is this mic on?" or "I can hear you breathing out there!", it's so quiet. So if it's not for you, I understand. But if you have something interesting to say, go ahead and share it on Google+. Write as if someone will actually read it someday, because they will. They will find your posts with a Google search (not just on Google+). Then people who are interested in more of what you are sharing will start following you.

Keep writing, and sharing those great ideas!