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The advantages of giving away your art for free

Although I'm a Commercial Artist, every once in a while I have given away my art for free. It's a good feeling, and that's just the one of the reasons that many artists actually prefer to never charge for their work.

Here are some reasons to give away your art for free

• You never have to set a price for your artwork. Setting a price is a very difficult thing to do. You have to evaluate how good you are, what other people are charging, and what the market will bear. Putting a price on your artwork can tend to make you feel as if you were cheapening it, as whatever it might be may not be as much as you value it.

• You never have to accept payment. Having someone hand you some money can be embarrassing. No matter how little, or how much, money you are accepting can make you feel as if you were a beggar on a street corner. It makes the person giving you the money, if not your social superior, at least your economic superior. Waving money aside is a very dignified thing to do. And if you don't need the money, why accept it?

• No one can tell you what to do. If someone offers you money for your artwork, you can expect that they will probably follow it up with a request to do something. Many artists just hate being told what to do, even a little bit. If you give away your artwork, people will be less inclined to imagine that they are at Burger King, ordering it "their way".

• It's a great feeling. Giving feels great. It just does. And if your artwork is cherished by someone who really appreciates it, it can mean so much more than money can ever express. It can be to just cheer up a friend, it can be to help your church, it can be to help a friend in businesses. If you can afford the time, then by all means give it.

Remember that art can be your life without being your livelihood. You don't need to choose between being a Commercial Artist or a Starving Artist. You can just be an artist. The choice is always yours.