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December 3, 2015

Why you should write a blog, instead of making comments

If you've ever been tempted to write a lengthy comment on someone else's blog, or their posting on social media, please stop. No, it's not because the world doesn't need to know what you have to say, it's just that comments are a poor place to waste your energy. So, instead of being a "heckler", be a speaker. Write a blog. It's easy, and costs nothing. It's fun, and it lets you talk about stuff in a place where people will appreciate it.

It's human nature to correct other people's mistakes, especially if they're talking about something in your field of expertise. But comments are not the way to go. Nobody wants to be heckled. Nobody wants to have their presentation, or blog, that they worked so hard on, criticized because they got the year wrong for the War of 1812, for example.

If you read something that you know more about, write a blog post. Don't attack people, don't correct, don't criticize. Instead go to your blog, and be a speaker. People love that kind of stuff, and they hate people who correct - that just makes everyone uncomfortable. So here's what you do:

• Create a blog. I recommend Blogger, because it's what I use, but there are others, like WordPress. Choose one you like. They cost nothing. It takes time to set it up, that's all it costs. And if you've got time to write comments, you have time to create your own blog.

• Pick a subject. Don't just create a generalized blog where you ramble on and on about everything under the sun. If your expertise is dachshunds, create a blog about dachshunds. If you like talking about other subjects, create a blog specifically for that.

• Don't attack, create. You may be inspired to write that blog post correcting common misconceptions about dachshunds, but this is no place to attack anyone. Yes, you can write "many people don't know that dachshunds..." or something like that, but that's it. Then explain, patiently, what dachshunds are really like.

So there you go. Write a blog. It changes you from an annoying heckler to the next speaker on the podium. And people really do want to hear from you!

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