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January 8, 2016

How to increase your click-though rate on Pinterest

A "click-through" on Pinterest means that someone has, in addition to viewing your post, actually clicked on it, which led them to your blog, or website, or wherever. If you're marketing something, it's critical. It's the equivalent of having someone walk into your store, not just walk past it, looking at the displays in the windows.

If you've spent much time looking at Pinterest, you know that there are a lot of interesting posts. It's not just a bunch of pretty pictures, there's a lot of "how to's" and "find out mores". In fact, no social media site even comes close to it. But there is a right way, and a wrong way, to post on Pinterest to get a click-through to your blog.

• Have a interesting headline. You don't always have to write "How to...", but it's a great place to start. Don't worry about whether it's in bold, or anything like that. Just write something that will interest someone enough to click on it. And avoid the stupid tricks, such as "click on this and this will blow your mind!", just write "how to frame a pencil drawing", or "The best ways to lose weight if you also happen to own a dachshund". See what I mean? Yes, include a photo, but remember it's the headline that's going to count on Pinterest. Don't just write "Silly dachshunds" - that won't inspire people to find out more by clicking, write "How to train your dachshund not to pee in the house".

• Give people what you promised. If your post on Pinterest promised to explain the difference between a cycad and a palm tree, do so. It doesn't have to be pages and pages long, a few paragraphs will do. If someone clicks a Pinterest post, lands on your page and finds it's a trick, they're gone right away. Oh yeah, and do your own writing, it's called "original content" - if you can write a letter, you can write about something you know about. Don't copy and paste someone else's writing.

There you go. And keep in mind that "followers" really don't matter. People use things like Pinterest, and Google, to find what they need right away. If they're doing a Google search, they already know, if they're browsing through Pinterest, you can catch their attention. Don't just post photos of your stuff, post a link to your blog, with a photo and a interesting headline.

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