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January 19, 2016

How to respond to an email like a pro, and why you should

If you're a pro, it shows in everything you do, from the cut of your clothing to the shine on your shoes. In the business world, a pro is someone that you can rely on to get the job done. If you're that person, people will hire you.

Unfortunately, if you show yourself to be a disorganized idiot, people will just smile politely and pass you by. And how you respond to an email tells them a lot about you.

If you're a disorganized idiot, who can't get anything right, who forgets to do stuff, who is always making a mess of things, then it's best to keep that quiet, and maybe work on your professional skills. And if you communicate that in an email, you are just going to make it that much easier for other pros to pass you by. So take a deep breath, and at least try to hide being a disorganized idiot. This is how:

• Respond within a day or two. If if takes you more than that, you are saying "I'm a disorganized idiot, I'm not sure how to open a letter, and I don't know how to write a simple email". If someone has to follow up with you, by either resending an email, or calling you, or sending a text, then no matter how polite they may be, they are saying that you are a disorganized idiot.

• Don't write about how disorganized you are. If you spend several sentences explaining away how "crazy busy" you are, or "swamped", then you are making telling people that you are a disorganized idiot. Yes, we all get "crazy busy" and "swamped". It may sound good to your friends, but to people in the business world, they're just kind'a wondering if you can do the job?

• Put their name at the top of an email and yours at the bottom. Pros use email to reference back to. Without names it's nearly impossible to figure out who is talking in a long string. Just a simple "hi Brad" will do, and sign it with your name (first is fine) so that I can keep track of the conversation if we send lots of emails back and forth.

• Respond even if you can't do that thing right away. People don't know that you got the email. So just say something simple like "I'm on it!" If it's something you're gonna do in the next ten minutes, you can skip this, but if you can't get to the task in the next day or two, respond. Please respond. They're waiting to hear from you. But be sure not to throw away the email just because you said that you're on it. Unless, of course, you're a disorganized idiot.

So there you go. No, I won't call you a disorganized idiot. Not to your face.That's why I write this blog. But if you are, that's what I'm thinking. And I'll find someone else for the job.

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