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January 11, 2016

Why your blog posts need to be VERY cheerful

A blog post can be a wonderful way to talk about what you care about. And it can build your reputation. But it can also backfire very badly, so be careful. You will need to be VERY cheerful! Here is how, and why:

• Be happy. Don't go bringing everyone down. Don't even be a little bit cranky. Nobody wants to see that. Sure, you may have become inspired to write a post because you think that most people don't know how wonderful dachshunds are, but this is no time to be angry. Say good things about dachshunds. Be positive! Yeah, it may seem kind'a silly to be quite so cheerful, but blog posts have no room for anger, irony, or sarcasm. If your blog post comes off sounding angry and confrontational, don't be surprised if someone becomes angry right back and confronts you.

• Be straightforward. If you're like me, and like to sometimes say something with a "smile and a wink", don't do that on a blog post. Even if you use the emoticon for "smile and a wink", which is this ;). If you're talking face to face with someone you can do a smile and a wink, or say "ha, just kidding!" but on a blog post once you've said something that isn't what you meant, you have just said the wrong thing. Here's an example of what you should say: "dachshunds are good dogs!"

• Use clear and simple language. Everyone likes clear and simple language. No one resents it. Use it.

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