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How to make money giving advice

If you're the kind of person who likes to give advice, then you're annoying people. You may want to explain to people how they could do things better, but really, most people just want you to shut up. Giving advice can be one of the worst things that people do to each other, but it can be very precious, and it can make money for you. Here are a few thoughts:

• Don't give advice for free. If you want to make money for something, get out of the habit of giving it for free. It's like anything else, like when I started charging for my artwork in my twenties. I started valuing myself, and it helped other people see the value, too. Oh, and by the way, if you never really get paid for your advice, as long as you stop doing it you will make the people around you much happier.

• Become a teacher or trainer. For someone like me, who loves to show people stuff, like how to use their software, this was wonderful. Schools and companies are always looking for people who can do this, and believe me, it pays well. And don't volunteer, get paid. Something kind'a magical happens when people are paying for something, even advice - they actually want it at that time.

• Become a consultant. This is very tricky, as it takes a pretty big ego. Think of it like being a lawyer, who will charge you for five minutes of time, because the expertise of those few minutes can help you a lot. My lawyer has a big ego, as he is very good. A word or two from him can make all of the difference, and it's worth a lot.

• Blog. If you have advice that people really want to read about, write a blog and monetize it. If you can get millions of views on your blog with your advice about, for example dachshunds, you can make some money.

So there you go. I get paid to give advice. If people want it for free, they have to be very close friends of mine, or I smile and change the subject. I don't critique artwork, I don't explain to businesses how they should be run, or whether they need a website. I value my advice, and I get money for it.