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February 23, 2016

How to see activity on your posts in Google+

In an ongoing effort streamline the interface, as of this writing, Google+ has again made getting information about what's going on with your posts very difficult to get to. But it's still there, and you can find it. This is how:

• Click on Post Activity, which is down at the bottom of each post. That will open up a window called "Post Activities". From there you will see a squarish cartoon bubble with lines through it, a triangular-looking thing that sort of looks like how atoms are connected in science class, and a number with plus sign next to it.

• The word balloon means "comments". I suppose the idea is to make this international, so they didn't want to write "comments", but since they wrote "Post Activities"... well, never mind. Anyway, this is where you can read all of the comments on your post.

• The connected dots means "shared". This is where you can see the people who shared your post.

• The plus sign is Google's equivalent of the "Like" button. If you like something on Google, even this blog post, you click the button with the plus sign next to the number. Most people just call it a like button, but really that term belongs to Facebook. But I know what people mean. I appreciate getting likes and plusses, whatever you call them. I also like comments, as long as they're nice, and you don't try to sell me anything.

Staying on top of social media is difficult, as it's always changing. I have the Google+ Phoenix Historical Images page as my hobby, which is collecting old photos of Phoenix, and it keeps me up to speed with the constant changes in Google+, so I can advise my clients (no, not about historic Phoenix, about Google+). If you want to increase your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you need to post on Google+. Facebook and other social media are fun, they really don't do as much for getting your business into a Google+ search, which is where you want to be found nowadays. So I recommend taking the effort to stay up with Google+.

I hope that this helps. I'm sure they mean well.

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