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How to share your blog posts on social media

Writing an interesting blog post really is enough for people to find it. If it has good, original information that people want, it will appear in a Google search. There's really nothing else you need to do. If, however, you want to give it a bit of a "kick start" you can post it on a social media site.

A social media site is a place where people gather, like Facebook, to exchange quick bits of information. There are a lot of them out there, and my favorites are Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. But if you plan on posting links to your blog there, then do so with care. Random stuff that shows up on someone's feed is as annoying as pop-up windows for ads, or someone who doesn't know how to shut up while sitting with a group of friends at a restaurant.

That being said, you really should share your blog posts. But be mindful of the audience. Here are a few thoughts:

• Never, ever, post something somewhere with a box selected that says "also post to..." If you're going to take the trouble to write a post, take the trouble to actually go to the social media site and post it there. See it with your own eyes. By the way, for some sites, this is the default so you gotta turn it off.

• Keep the commercial stuff off of Facebook. Those are your friends there, gathered in a group. If you have a nice blog post about something that will interest your friends, by all means post it there. But very few blog posts feel that way, they almost always feel like you're selling something. Some Facebook communities don't allow links to blogs at all.

• Post your best stuff on Google+. If you don't know about Google+, find out. And don't worry that people will have to know about Google+ to find your posts. Mostly it's about getting your blog indexed on Google. That's SEO (Search Engine Optimization) stuff. Most of my blogs are found in a Google search, which is where I want them to be found. They aren't an interruption to people, they're what people are searching for.

• Post your "how to" stuff on Pinterest. If you haven't looked at Pinterest lately, do so. The most compelling links are "how to". People click on them to learn how to plant petunias, that sort of stuff. If you're explaining how to do things, post the link on Pinterest.

Those are my favorites, and for me it's enough. After I write something, like this, I post it on a social media where it makes the most sense. I'll post this on Google+ (mostly for indexing), on LinkedIn (because this is professional advice), and also on Pinterest (because this is a how to). This is not appropriate for Facebook.

Remember that you really don't have to do any of this stuff. Just write an interesting and informative blog. If you don't have that, then all of the Search Engine tricks won't help a bit.