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February 8, 2016

How to transfer your epub books from your Mac to your Nook

I got a new Nook yesterday, and it's great. Like all technologies, the latest version of this E Reader makes the one I was using just a week before seem like an antique. Did I mention that it works great?

Then I noticed that I would have to transfer my non-Barnes and Noble epub books over from my computer. So I plugged in the USB cable, opened up Adobe Digital Editions, and nothing happened. Then I updated Adobe Digital Editions, and that didn't help. Then I entered my Adobe ID on the Nook and that didn't help. So what I discovered was something called "Android File Transfer" and that's all you need.

I opened up the folder with my books, plugged my Nook in with its USB cable, opened Android File Transfer, did a drag and drop into the window for my Nook. It works! The books are all there! No need for Adobe Digital Editions at all.

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