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Why professional Graphic Designers use Macintosh computers, and Adobe Creative Cloud

Let's face it, Macintosh computers and Adobe Creative Cloud are ridiculously expensive. And if you're wondering why professional Graphic Designers need to have them, I think that I can explain.

When I first started teaching at the Art Institute of Phoenix, I had never given a thought to why I had spent my career using Adobe software on Macintosh computers. It was all I knew, and it's still true today. So when some of my students asked why, I had to admit that I was a little puzzled. What else was there?

What I learned is there are other computer systems out there, and other types of software. My students would show me these things, or talk about them, and I had to admit that it was fascinating. And yes, you can use other types of software and other types of computers to do graphics.

But pros always go for the best stuff. Their goal is to absolutely minimize the amount of hassle that they have to go through to get the job done. And the key here is being a pro. If you're not, then there's really no point to having such expensive stuff.

Professional Graphic Designers, like me, are just like racing car drivers. We want to go fast. Yes, we could use something ordinary, but why? We want a Ferrari. Yeah, that's what driving Adobe Creative Cloud on a Macintosh is like. It's deadly fast, with awesome control. If you can control the power, then go for it.

Nah, these companies don't pay me to say this (I wish they would!). I just love being able to use their products and go really fast!