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Getting started on Patreon

I learn best by doing, so I went ahead and set up a Patreon page today. I had heard it mentioned on the YouTube channel "SciShow" quite often, and I even noticed that "Thug Life" has been using it. So of course I had to try it. Since I'm an old Marketing guy, I always wonder how companies make money on the web. Certainly we all know about scams and rip-offs, but I wonder how legitimate businesses monetize their content. Just about everyone I talk to reacts violently to having to pay for something that's on the internet, and it's made newspapers and magazines stop and think.

What it is, exactly, and how it works, is something that is evolving. But the web has always been like that. I've been on the internet since the '90s, and I've been curious about a lot of stuff. Some of it has turned out to be successful, like Facebook, some of it has faded away. I've sold on Amazon and eBay. Heck, I even had a MySpace page back in the day.

At this point with Patreon I've created the page and set it up so that people could give a monthly donation. I have no interest in moving my blogs over there from Blogger, nor do I create YouTube videos, or do special promotions. Actually, right now I'm just curious about how people feel about all of this.

Patreon is kind'a like putting out a tip jar as you play the fiddle. You hope that people will like it, and drop in a few coins. It does feel kind'a weird, but then again, the internet was pretty weird in the '90s.  Maybe this will be wildly successful, or maybe it'll fade away to obscurity. I'll let you know how it goes.