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March 23, 2016

Understanding Patreon

Now that I've had my Patreon page up and running for a couple of days, I'm starting to figure it out. It really was designed as a "tip jar". There's a feature which charges a patron when each creative piece is posted (like a blog post, or a video), but that struck me as too much like a "Pay per View" - which I really don't like. And besides, people don't really like the idea of not knowing how much they're going to pay a month. Will it be a dollar? Twenty dollars? So I decided to allow only a monthly donation.

And I do mean donation. This is not a charge. I will continue to write my blogs and post them for free. And actually, I'm kind'a flattered that people do read what I write, mostly about Phoenix and Los Angeles history. And if people want to help by supporting the blog, now they can.

Obviously, if writing were my livelihood, I wouldn't just put out a tip jar. If you're a serious writer, artist, or musician, doing your artwork and putting out a tip jar, or a hat in the street, isn't what I would recommend. But a lot of people do appreciate the effort, and are willing to throw in a few coins.

So that's what Patreon is supposed to be. Thank you for you support!

By the way, if you're curious to see what my Patreon page looks like, here it is. 

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