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April 11, 2016

What to write about your company or organization on social media

Getting your company or organization on social media is a great idea. In the marketing world, it's called PR - Public Relations. It's not really the same thing as advertising, it's just keeping your company in the public eye.

Actually, to me, it is a form of advertising. I call it "image advertising". It's what I specialized at as a Graphic Designer. But I don't mean social media - I mean newsletters, brochures, that sort of thing. Anything that you create that give people information and has your logo on it.

And if you've been posting things on Facebook, or Google+ for a while, you know that it isn't easy to come up with stuff. Sure, it's easy when you begin, and you post photos of the building, and the staff, and all of your current clients like you, but then the challenge begins. And, unfortunately, there are a lot of ways it can go wrong! And that's why I recommend that you stay off of social media, or image advertising, unless you know what you're doing. And if you're know what you're doing, it can be wonderful. Here are a few stray thoughts:

• Begin on Facebook. That's because you already know Facebook. If you don't know Facebook, then you're really in trouble. So go learn Facebook. Facebook is easy, simple, and fun. That's why it's so popular. But overall, it won't do much for your business or organization unless all you're interested in is talking to existing clients. That means that you'll have to get your business on Google...

• Add Google+. Google+ is kind'a like Facebook, but it's a place where businesses enhance their image, and more importantly, enhance their Google indexing. That is, making their business show up better in a Google search. It's much more complex than Facebook, so don't jump into it until you know Facebook. Some businesses will never make the move to add Google+. If you have someone in your organization who has a Google+ page, promote them, and put them to work on your Google+ business page. They're valuable!

• Don't be afraid to post generalized stuff. All of my life I've seen billboards for Chevrolet that simply said something like "Chevrolet is a popular car" and showed a photo of a Chevrolet. I always wondered why companies paid to say such simple stuff. It's called image advertising. After a while, people begin to really believe it. Post a picture of your business or organization and say something simple and positive.

• Post something every day. No more, no less. Even if there's a big event, don't post a bunch in a row, people hate that. If your organization sponsored, for example, a 5-K, save the photos and post them over a period of time. People love that. If you miss a day of posting, don't panic, just get back to it. The goal is every day. If you miss that goal a little bit, no one will notice. If you disappear for months, people will forget you.

So there you go. Post something. Keep it simple, keep it positive. Don't try to be too clever, that will annoy people. If you have a great company or organization, your goal will be to make it look as good in cyberspace as it is in real life, no more, no less. Now get out there and show everyone how great your company is!

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