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When to use a selfie for a profile picture

Most people should never, ever, use a "selfie" for a profile picture. That is, a picture taken of your face while you were holding your phone out at arm's length. It's much too casual for people who are looking for jobs, presenting a professional image, that sort of thing. But it might be right for you.

If you have made the decision to present yourself on the web, usually in social media like Facebook, you will be communicating to people about what you think of yourself. If your profile picture is just a  blank, you may be accidentally telling people the wrong thing about you. You may be telling people how ugly you are, or that you're an international man of mystery, or you don't dare show your face in public because the "Men in Black" might find you (that is, you're an alien). But really, the real reason is that you probably don't have a current photo. And then you make the worst mistake of all, posting a photo of what you looked like many years ago. Don't do that, that just creeps people out.

Take a selfie.You're just communicating with friends, in a casual way, and they want to see your face. If you're a teenager, show your face, if you're retired, show your face. If you're worried that you will look goofy, believe me, it won't be nearly as goofy as a staged "wearing a tie" photo. And this is the face that God gave you. You take it to the grocery store, and it doesn't scare people there, does it?

Show your face! Take a selfie!