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April 27, 2016

Why the apps on your iPhone look different from the apps on my iPhone

If you just got an iPhone, it comes preinstalled with a lot of apps. And, in theory, they're all you need. But most people want other stuff. Personally, I use Google a lot, so I installed the Google app, among other things.

If you look at some people's iPhones, some people have so many apps on them that they're almost unrecognizable. I know people who have so many apps that they need to sort them into various folders. And these people are always finding a new app, and recommending it, which shows some strange thing like how monkeys would look swimming on Mars, or something. I just smile and look away.

So, if you've just got an iPhone, resist the temptation to add a lot of apps to it right away, it will just make it more complicated to learn. Instead, take a look at the apps that are installed, and then decide if you need, for example, a different calendar app. I recommend spending some quiet time with your new phone next to a computer where you can look up stuff, like "what does FaceTime do?"

When I started teaching programs like Photoshop, back in the '90s, the first thing that I would have my students do would be to simplify what they were looking at. Many people have so much stuff going on on their computer screens (including their phone), that it looks like the dashboard of a 747, and it's overwhelming. Keep it simple.

By the way, if you use a PC, instead of a Mac, getting used to an iPhone is going to be more difficult just because things look different. Here on my Mac are the same applications that I have on my iPhone. If you're a PC user, it will look strange, I know, but give the Mac applications a try. You might like it! Who knows? You might even name your dog Macintosh! I did!

Macintosh, the good little wiener dog

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