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Why the voice-to-text function on your Smart Phone sometimes doesn't work so well in some places

One of the major reasons that I got a Smart Phone was voice-to-text. That's the function that allows you to talk to your phone and have it automatically written out a text message for you. It's brilliant! I have an iPhone, but I understand the function is available for all Smart Phones.

The problem is that sometimes it doesn't work so well. And it's really bad if you're out and about, and not connected to Wi-Fi.

The reason for that is that in order for voice-to-text to work, your voice needs to go to a server (since I have an iPhone, mine is in Cupertino, California), and then be translated into text. With Wi-Fi, it happens just about instantly. If you're using your phone without Wi-Fi, it's sometimes so slow that it's not worth the trouble. I have found myself standing outside of doctor's offices saying the same thing over and over to my phone, only to see nothing appear for the text message that I want to send. Then I have to write the old-fashioned way, on the screen (which I hate), or more likely than not, I will just not send a text.

Since Wi-Fi makes all of the difference, I always check for a Wi-Fi signal when I go places, like restaurants, or places like that. Doctor's offices don't tend to give free Wi-Fi, so voice-to-text doesn't work very good there.