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Why you should allow ads on your blog

Writing a blog is a lot of fun. I've been doing it for years, and I write about a lot of stuff, from Phoenix history to gardening. I'm a Graphic Designer by profession, and that's what this blog is for. I write about web design, or anything related to creating content on the web, like blogging. And writing stuff here helps me to understand the interface. I learn best by doing. And if that's you, I recommend that you write a blog. It costs nothing but your time, and if you enjoy learning by doing it's the best way to understand how all of this works. And I also recommend that you use Blogger, which is Google's blogging platform (the one you're looking at right now), and allow Google to place ads on your blog. Here are the reasons:

• It makes you aware of an audience. I've noticed that some people who write blogs just tend to rant and ramble on, as if no one was ever going to read their stuff. And maybe no one ever will. When you write your first few blog posts the chances are very slim that anyone will read them, not even your friends who say they will. And when you think that there is no audience, not only does it take the fun out of it, it keeps you from watching what you say. If you allow Google ads, at the very least you know that the Google "bots" are watching you. So read the guidelines, and follow them. Your writing will be better for it, and at some point there may even be real human beings reading your blog.

• It encourages you to be aware of analytics. That just means that you're gonna look at your dashboard - probably to see if you've made any money, and it will make you look at how many views you're getting, that sort of thing.

• It's fun. I've heard Google Adsense described as "watching the pennies drop". And yes, it only pays pennies unless you're a blogger who gets millions of views. I get several thousand views a month, and it really only drops a few pennies my way. But I still look at my earnings, the same way that I looked at how many quarters my big brother paid me when I helped him with his paper route. It just seems kind of appealing.

• You won't be tempted to turn your blog into an "infomercial". People hate reading something only to find that it was all leading up to a sales pitch. Don't do an "Oh, by the way, you can buy..." at the end of your blog post. People hate that. The ads they can ignore, or block, but leading them into a sales pitch they really hate.

So, go ahead and get that blog started. And allow Google to put ads on the page.