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May 21, 2016

Why Google Adwords should be the last thing you do, not the first

When the internet was new, back in the '90s, just having a web page was good enough for people to find you. As the web grew, having a web page that was properly designed and optimized would be enough to get you a good listing in a search. In fact, one of my specialities beginning about ten years ago was "Search Engine Optimization" (SEO), which was the process of doing all of the right things for a website to allow Search Engines (like Google) to index a page (that is, list it so people could find it on a search).

Nowadays, most of the mistakes that websites had that interfered with their SEO have gone away. Websites that couldn't be read by the Google bots (reading robots), such as content in Flash, or jpegs, have pretty much disappeared. So, your chances of being found in a search in Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, or any search engine, are now probably as good as any other website.

The problem now, as of this writing, May 2016, is simply crowding and congestion. Yes, your website might be absolutely perfect, optimized correctly, and friendly to the "Google bots", but it's competing against a LOT of other websites that are just as good. In fact, there are websites out there that aren't as good as yours, but are getting a better indexing on a Google search simply because they've been around longer.

The old-fashioned term of "Search Engine" has gone away, to be replaced with Google. Yes, there are a lot of other search engines, but they don't matter compared to Google. When you tell someone to look something up, you say "Google it", not "Bing it" or whatever, right? However you may feel about Google, you have to admit that they own the internet. People search on Google.

So, if you've done everything right, and would still like to improve your visibility on a Google search, yes, go ahead and look into Google Adwords. No, I'm not going to do a sales pitch here (they don't need me!), I'm sure that somewhere out there is someone who can explain the particulars to you. I can explain the generals, as I've been on the other side of the equation, a web creator who participates in Adsense.

Yes, Google Adwords cost money, and although I've scoffed at it for years, it looks like it's becoming a viable way to get your website pushed past some of the clutter. But it should be the last thing you do, not the first. Jumping into Adwords means that you already have an absolutely perfect website, that you have done all of the right things in social media, that you've created as much free buzz as possible.

So, take a look at what you've done. If you've done everything right, then go ahead and get started with Adwords. If you haven't, you'll just be wasting your money, and you should invest elsewhere, like getting a great website designed.

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