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July 6, 2016

How to clean up your Facebook news feed, a bit

Facebook is a lot of fun. It's a place for friends and family to stay connected, with photos and videos of dogs and cats. I just spent a little over a week housesitting, alone, and I checked it constantly. I posted a lot of videos of cats! And I loved seeing the stuff my friends posted. It made me feel connected, and Facebook is wonderful for that. Unfortunately, many times friends are unaware that there are things being posted to my Facebook news feed which I'd rather not see. And it's usually an article about something political or something that they have simply "liked".

My news feed shows the article along with the words "Ralph liked this" (assuming I have a friend named Ralph, which I really don't). It might be an article that says things that I find offensive, perhaps degrading institutions that I believe in, or saying bad things about dachshunds. The mind boggles! But Facebook has a fix for that, it takes two steps.

Click hide post, and the hide all from...

The first thing you do is to hide the post. But don't stop there! And don't be tempted to hide all of the stuff from your friend! Just click on "Hide all from [name of website]. That way those things won't ever appear in your news feed, but you can continue to see photos of your friend's dogs and cats, or whatever.

I spent the last week doing this trick, and the effect is amazing. The offensive posts don't appear in my news feed any more, only stuff that my friends post directly.

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