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July 23, 2016

The trick to listening to audiobooks on your iPhone

Most things are pretty easy on the iPhone. The interface is designed to be very straight-forward, just click and play. You can watch movies, TV shows, listen to music, with ease. But listening to an audiobook still takes some work to set up, and deal with. For me, it's worth it, because I listen to audiobooks all of the time on my iPhone. And if you're wondering why it's such a pain, it's because of something called Digital Rights Management (DRM) which was built into the audiobooks that you bought, and that's why they can't be treated like your iTunes music. But don't give up! If you have a little bit of computer nerd in you, you can do this. This is how:

• Open the iBooks app. That's the icon there at the top of this post. Now select audiobooks. This will take a bit of looking. I told you this wasn't going to be easy! Once you're there, you will have to do something very old-fashioned, downloading.

• Download the books that you want to listen to. Now, waitaminute, don't download all of them - your phone won't have enough storage space! I download four or five onto my phone, just to keep them handy, and because I like to switch back and forth with books. I used to do this with library books, too!

Once the books are downloaded, the icon will change from the little arrow with the cloud to the word PLAY. They are now, physically, on your device, and you can play them. When you're done listening to them, delete them from your phone. If you want to listen to them again, you'll have to download them again. Yeah, this is for computer nerds, most people won't want to deal with this.

Luckily, audiobooks are the only things that you need to hassle with like this. You don't need to download movies, or TV shows, or music. But you do need to download audiobooks. I'm sure that in the future, this will all be resolved, but right now this is the workaround.

I own a LOT of audiobooks. I love listening to them over and over. I listen to them before I go to sleep (by using the sleep timer), I listen to them when I'm puttering around my garden. And since they're on my phone, I always have my phone handy if someone wants to call me, and maybe invite me out to eat. So it's worth the trouble.

I hope this helps. Now go enjoy your audiobooks!

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