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July 9, 2016

What do if your Photoshop icon in your dock has a big question mark today

If you went to open Photoshop CC today (July 9, 2016), the icon on the dock just had a big question mark. That's because, as we slept, Adobe didn't just update Photoshop, they created a new version. And since it's a new version, the old dock icon (although it looks exactly the same as the new version) won't work. But don't panic, here's how to open the new Photoshop:

• Go to the strange little "pretzel" icon at the top of your screen (I think it's supposed to be two clouds linked together?), drop down the menu, and click to open Photoshop. You will see a new opening screen, which is the only indication that anything has changed.

Unfortunately, nothing else seems to have changed. It still takes a ridiculously-long time for the application to open. The icon just goes "bounce, bounce, bounce...", and it opens with that sluggish "I think I can, I think I can..." that I remember from the Little Engine That Could.

Then after doing a simple task, like saving a jpeg, the "spinning beachball of death" spins and spins. I decided to go over here and write this blog post while it spins just to get my mind off of it. I'm also going to get some coffee. Hopefully, the task of opening a jpeg and re-saving it, which should take seconds, will be done. Luckily, I'm not working against a deadline. I do feel sorry for people who are!

I hope this helps. And no, it's not you, it's Adobe. Presumably they meant well. I doubt whether the nice software engineers over there are wringing their hands and laughing manically! But really, Adobe? You have a great product, but frying people's nerves to make it work is no way to make friends. Come on, you can fix this!

(Twenty minutes later) ...aaaaand it just crashed my computer. If at all possible, avoid Photoshop. I hope they can fix this!

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