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July 10, 2016

What to do if your iTunes purchase doesn't show up on your iPad

Sometimes things go wrong with the system. When you purchase a movie through iTunes, it should show up on any device that you're signed into, whether it's Apple TV, your iPhone, or your iPad. It should. It works most of the time. But sometimes it doesn't work.

I've been using iTunes for years and was surprised today to find that my most recent purchase, while it showed up quite nicely on my computer and on my Apple TV, didn't show up on my iPad, which is where I really prefer want to watch it. By the way, it didn't show up on my iPhone, either.

I tried the troubleshooting FAQs and even the Chat, but really, there's nothing there. That's because this just doesn't happen. Until, of course, it does. But don't panic, there is a solution, you just have to wait for iTunes to send you the receipt. You tell them something went wrong, and they refund your money, and you go purchase it again. No, you don't have to rant, or tell them how much your time they wasted, you just have to say that something went wrong and you want your money back.

Now here's the part where you can get it right: Do the next purchase from your iPad. This has happened a couple of times to me, and trying to unwind all of it is just a waste of time. The nice people at Apple will cheerfully refund your money, and then you can just go make the purchase again. I purchased Shaun the Sheep Series 3 from my desktop computer today, and, like I said, it shows up just fine on my desktop computer, and on Apple TV, but nothing on the iPad, or my iPhone.

So, wait for the receipt (it can take several days), click on the "problem", get your money back, go to your iPad, and re-purchase it from there. It will work. Yeah, it's a hassle, but it's not a perfect world yet.

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