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How to create a private playlist on YouTube

There are a lot of great videos on YouTube. I've been trying to get a bad ankle back in shape lately, and have been using a great hidden function of YouTube, which is called a Playlist.

You've already been creating a playlist, every time you clicked "Like" on a video. The playlist is called "Liked Videos". And for a long time I just used that if I wanted to go back and watch a video again. Then I started creating my own Playlists, which I could label whatever I wanted. I found a lot of great videos for ankle rehab, and exercise in general, that I wanted to keep and refer back to. I've had a YouTube channel for many years, and you can see that the Playlist for "Liked videos" is too big to be of much use for me to find stuff again.

Since this is for my personal use, and has nothing to do with my professional videos on my YouTube Channel, I set my exercise videos to private (which is hidden in an area called Playlist settings, next  a circle that has a plus sign inside of it). I also created a playlist for Biceps exercises, Back exercises, etc.

Once you've created your playlists, then if you see a video that you want to keep, you click the "Add to" plus sign under the title of the video and select the playlist. I found some great ankle rehab videos this morning from Dr. Jo, so I'm saving them into my Legs exercises Playlist.

When I'm through here on my computer, I'll wander over to my workout room, use my Apple TV to access YouTube, and I can watch my Playlists there. Of course they'll also be on my phone and on my tablet - anywhere that I can watch YouTube.