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August 16, 2016

How to share your blog posts

If you write a blog, it's a good idea to share it. That means that after you write it, you post it on social media, or somewhere that will help people find it, and realize that there's something new for them to see.

It's a good idea to share your blog posts wherever you think that there may be people who would be interested in your latest post. Of course, if you're writing on Blogger, then Google will index them for people who want to search (that's just called indexing). Most people want to know when the latest blog post, or YouTube channel that they're following creates something new. Since I check the Analytics in Blogger, I can tell the dramatic difference between if I write something and just hope people will find it, or if I share it.

In the old days, people would subscribe to your blog post through an RSS (Rich Site Summary)  Feed, which would give them a convenient place to view all of the things that they followed. Unfortunately, this fell out of favor a few years ago, because it wasn't really how the majority of people wanted to know about an updated blog post.

The important thing to remember is that everyone has a different preference. Some people like getting an email, some hate it, or never look at their email. Some people like seeing updates in their Facebook News Feed, some people consider it intrusive. Some people like to get an update as a text, some people are annoyed by getting texts for things that have no urgency.

Since I write four blogs, and publish in most of them just about every day, I like to ask people that I see IRL (In Real Life), what their preference is. I know that some people are just being polite to me when I ask if they've seen any of my blog posts, and other people are annoyed with me that I didn't tell them about a blog post that I had written recently that interested them.

This is what I do:

My History Adventuring blog, which has Patreon support, is posted first on Patreon, then on my Phoenix Historical Images Google+ page, then on my Phoenix History Adventuring Pinterest board. And sometimes I'll post it on my wall on Facebook, and every once in a while to LinkedIn.

This blog I post to my personal Google+ page (which also presents me professionally), my Art, Cartooning and Graphic Design board on Pinterest, and to Linkedin.

My gardening blog I post to my personal Google+ page and to my gardening board on Pinterest.

My genealogical history blog I post to Facebook, as it's mostly my relatives who are interested in the history of the family who like that kind of stuff.

There are NO automatic posts anywhere. If you've made the mistake of selecting a checkbox that will mysteriously post your blogs somewhere without your knowing of it, you've made a mistake. It's best to watch what you're doing. If you can do a copy-and-paste of a URL, you can be in control of the sharing of your blog posts.

Now, go write that blog post, and share it!

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