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Understanding YouTube views in K, Mille, and millions

If you're a typical person with a YouTube account, like me, who posts videos of their dog, or their garden, it's pretty easy to figure out the number of views. For example, the video that I posted in 2009 of my dog saying "bark" has gotten 183 views as of this writing. That's pretty easy math to do, even for me!

But to be in the big leagues of views, you gotta be measuring it by thousands, or millions, of views. And this is where the terminology can get confusing. Many people use the term "K" for one thousand (it means kilo, which is based on a Greek word, if anyone asks you, and I that doubt they will). Some people use "M", which also means one thousand (the word is mille, which is from the Latin, meaning one thousand). So you will see abbreviations such as CPM, which means "Cost per thousand" (if you majored in accounting, you know this). Old-school computer people like me often use the term "K" to mean 1,000, as in kilobytes. For example, I made 100 K last year! Well, almost. OK, not even close.

And this is where it gets really confusing - when it gets into the millions. If someone has confused "mille" with million, well, you don't want them handling your accounting. That's like confusing 1,000 dollars with a million dollars. No small accounting error there!

Two million, two hundred and fifty-six thousand, seven hundred and twenty eight views.

By the way, YouTube usually just writes it out in ordinary numbers. I've seen YouTube use "M", but I can't find one right now. Of course it means million. If it was 1,000, they would just write it out normally, or use a K. And as for the video of my dog, I see that it's gone up to 184 views!