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August 19, 2016

Why you should, and shouldn't, put your stuff on Patreon

I like the idea of things being free on the internet. And I like the idea of supporting people that I want to encourage. And that's really what Patreon is all about. It's a different way of thinking, because people can still see my stuff for free, but they can support me, with real money, if they want to. And only if they want to. That's the point.

I have my history adventuring blog on Patreon, but really, the best thing to put on Patreon is videos. If you're a video person, for example doing a how-to, and throwing stuff up on YouTube, hoping for "likes", or .0000001 of a cent from Adsense, then Patreon just may be where you should be.

You shouldn't be on Patreon if you're selling a product. That is, if you're conducting commerce. You should learn how to do it, set up a structure that allows people to pay for the things you produce, and keeps people from stealing your stuff. It's called being in business - it's a lot of work, but it's how business is done.

On the other hand, if you just like showing your stuff on the internet, and would like to turn "likes" into a few bucks (no, you're not going to get rich on Patreon, see paragraph above to get rich), then you really ought to look into sharing your stuff on Patreon. This is how it works:

• Create a video (or a blog post, which is what I do), upload it to YouTube (or Blogger as the case may be) and then share it onto your Patreon account. Yeah, you gotta set up an account at Patreon, you know, an id, a password, answering questions, etc., so set aside some time.

• Share your stuff on the Patreon site. No, you don't create it there, you share it there. Think of it like a social media site, where you share a video, or a blog. Remember that people can still see your stuff for free. Donations are voluntary, don't count on them. And if you have a serious business, like I said, stay away from this, and set up your business like a real business.

I hope this helps. I like the idea of supporting the arts, and I like the idea of stuff being free on the internet. Patreon does this.

Thank you to my patrons on Patreon who help support History Adventuring! If you like these blog posts, and would like to make suggestions for future ones, please go to where you can show your support for as little as $1 a month. Thank you!

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