This blog is about Graphic Design, Vector Art, and Cartoon Illustration

How, and why to write a blog about stuff you care about

I recommend that you write a blog. And that means everyone. Because everyone has stuff that they care about, and want to talk about.

No, I don't mean a website, I mean a blog. There's a difference. This (where you are right now) is my blog. My website is over here On my website I show examples of my cartoon illustration, with information on how you can hire me. Here on this blog I just talk about stuff. I have, in fact, several blogs, one of which is Phoenix History, and I have one on gardening, etc.

I started with this blog because blogging is a great way to enhance your Search Engine Optimization. That is, helping to get your website listed higher on a Google search. But that's just part of it. What's really cool about blogging is that it's so much fun.

I recommend Blogger, just because it's what I know, but there are other blog sites out there, like WordPress, and others that I haven't even heard of. I'm sure they're all fine. I started on Blogger because it's a Google product, and I'm a Googly kind of a person. I use Google+, Google Docs, Gmail, and probably lots of other Google products that I can't remember at this exact instant.

Now waitaminute, before you start publishing a blog, start out with understanding that what you say on the web is as much a reflection of you as what you say out loud anywhere in public. People can hear you. If you like to make nasty comments on Facebook, then you're a troll, and nobody wants to hear you. So shut up. If, however, you have intelligent things to say, and you remember your manners and apply them to places like Facebook, and Google+, then you're ready to blog, and people do want to listen to you. So speak up!

Blogs are completely free. Google makes its money through advertising, so you don't have to pay anything as a publisher (yeah, that's what they call you). To make a blog like this, go to Blogger, and follow the steps. If you already use a Google product, like Google+, or Gmail, it's the same user id and password. Pick a subject and start writing.

As for your subject, pick something that's important to you. Something that you would love to kick back and talk about, uninterrupted. Pleeeeaaassse don't rant, but please do speak with passion. Personally, I like trees, and I often encourage people to plant them, and care for them, both in my Phoenix history blog and my gardening blog. That's about as "ranty" as I like to get.

As a Graphic Designer, my recommendation is to leave the design at the defaults. The default settings for Blogger look great, and are very legible. Yes, you can mess with them until they look awful, but please don't. Just start writing about what you care about. It feels good.