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September 23, 2016

How to make the world better - by being a teacher

I strongly recommend that everyone becomes a teacher. That's because the world can always be improved, and every individual has a point of view that can help others to understand the world better. The world needs teachers.

No, I don't mean going out and buying a sports coat with patches on the elbows, or getting those little "half-moon" glasses. Being a teacher isn't about sitting at a desk in front of a group of students who want to shoot spit-balls at you, it's about sharing what you know, and what you care about.

And yes, you know a lot, and I know that you care a lot about those things. If you've made the mistake of ranting, possibly on the internet, or becoming angry with people because "they just don't understand", it's time to rethink those opportunities.

Of course people don't understand. Nobody knows everything. It may be because people are stupid, but I prefer to use the term "ignorant". They just don't know. So teach them.

When I started teaching, in the 1990s, I was surprised at how ignorant people were about the things I cared about - like kerning, or recognizing the difference between Helvetica and Arial. Mine was a world of a fascination of Graphic Design. I cared about it a lot. People who made insensitive comments like "Univers looks the same to me as Helvetica" hurt my feelings. Many times people made a point of telling me just how much they didn't care. That's human nature. It was difficult for me not to become angry.

Think of the things that you care about, and would like other people to know about. Think about the things that make you angry, from the incorrect way that people park their cars, to social injustice. If you can direct those feelings of yours to inspire you to do something, you can begin teaching.

By the way, if you're not sure where to start teaching, look for what every social media site has, and click on the word "Share".

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