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September 13, 2016

How to post photos from your desktop computer onto Instagram

People just love Instagram. It's the perfect "snack food" eye candy app. It's all about looking at a picture, with maybe a very short caption. Or not reading the caption at all. It's the opposite of this blog, which is paragraphs of text, and hyperlinks. So, if you try to use Instagram in a way that it wasn't designed for, it's going to stop you.

Instagram is a phone app. It was designed so that you could take a photo with your phone and share it right away. It's for being at the zoo, or walking your dog. You can write "at the zoo" or "walking Fido", but it's not absolutely necessary. You can do hashtags, but you really don't have to. You can't create hyperlinks, or write a blog post, that's not what it's for. But you can upload photos from your desktop computer onto Instagram.

If you're like me, you want to post photos that aren't necessarily directly from your phone. I have a bunch of old photos of old-time Phoenix, I have photos of my garden, of my dog, of myself, and I have cartoons on my computer that I want to share. And yes, you can do it, and no, you're don't need some special app. You just need to get the photos onto your phone.

Luckily, this is easy, and there are a lot of different ways. You can email a photo to yourself, you can save it from one of your blogs, there are a lot of ways to get a photo onto your phone. Then you go onto Instagram and post it. I did a bunch yesterday. Personally, I like captions, so I wrote little captions for the photos - like "horseless carriages in 1904", or "Wiener dog" or "cycads".

Instagram is fun. That's what it's designed for, and that why people like it so much. So have fun with it.

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