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October 4, 2016

What Instagram is all about

Instagram is a social media app designed for Smart Phones. It started out as a way to post photos that looked like old Polaroids, or Instamatic camera photos (from decades ago) and it has evolved into just a fun place to post photos, and look at them.

If you're familiar with Facebook, it's kinda like that, except that there's a lot less reading. It's not about commenting, or talking about stuff, it's about looking at stuff. Looking at pictures of the beach, or pictures of your dog. If you're someone who likes pictures of things, and prefers not to read a lot in the caption, Instagram will appeal to you. It's eye candy.

Unlike Facebook, where it's rude to post too many times a day, with Instagram you can post a lot. It's not like people need to write a comment, or read a lot - they can just flip through your pictures of your vacation.

Sure, you can still use the filters to give the illusion of a Polaroid, or a faded photo from the 1970s, but Instagram is much more than that nowadays. It was a good gimmick, and a lot of people still use the filters, but it's not necessary. Turns out that just pictures of stuff is interesting enough.

Instagram is an app designed for your phone, so don't expect to learn it on your desktop (I know, I tried). There is a desktop version of Instagram, but it's just for looking at stuff and commenting. If you want to post on Instagram, you have to use your phone. And that's part of the fun - it keeps it simple.

I hope this helps. So go install Instagram on your phone, find some stuff you'd like to see, like palm trees, or dachshunds, and enjoy!

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