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October 18, 2016

Why you can't download photos from Instagram on your phone

Instagram is a lot of fun. And there are several things that are built into the app that at least try to keep things under control. You can't do hyperlinks, you can't copy text, and you can't download photos.

The reason that you can't do hyperlinks is so that every darned post doesn't turn into "click here for more..." and the reason that the text is locked down is to keep people from stealing it.

And that's the same reason that Instagram makes downloading images impossible - to keep people from stealing them. Well, they can, and do, but it takes a bit of a workaround, which most people won't have the patience to do.

If you see something on Instagram that you would like to share, you can. You can share it onto your Facebook page (look for the little dots in the upper right-hand corner), or you can share it with Instagram friends (along the bottom).

The logic behind all of this is to (at least try to) keep Instagram from turning into something that it was never supposed to be. What it's supposed to be is a fast and fun way to share snapshots of ordinary things - a picture of a sunset, your dog looking absolutely adorable fast asleep, a flower in bloom. It's not supposed to be a Marketing tool, or a way for people to get free images, by stealing them, and reposting them. Of course, there are a lot of Marketing people out there doing that, and a lot of people stealing photos. But at least it's not convenient.

I hope this helps. Now go take a photo of your dog, and post it on Instagram!

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