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November 30, 2016

Deciding whether to make your Facebook page public

Facebook is a lot of fun. I check it every day, and I like seeing pictures of my friends, and especially pictures of cats. There are a LOT of cats on Facebook. When it's done correctly, Facebook is a joyful place, a party with all of the people that you care about the most. Done incorrectly, it can be a mess of political rants, but luckily, you can unfollow those people, and never have to see their posts.

As a person who believes in exposure, my Facebook page is public. I've helped my clients get indexed higher up in a Google search so that their businesses can grow (it's called SEO - Search Engine Optimization) and I've done the same for myself. I have a Google+ profile, I have a website, I have several blogs, I have a YouTube channel, I have a Flickr page, I have a Pinterest page, and I also sell on eBay. I've thrown so much stuff out there into cyberspace in the past ten years it amazes me that there's room for anything there except pictures of my dog and my cartoons!

If you're looking to grow your business, you need to think about exposure. If you're an actor, or a consultant, or some person who wants people to hire you for your talent and expertise, the web is a great place for people to find you. Back in the 1940s, you would sit at the soda fountain at Hollywood and Vine, but nowadays you're more apt to be discovered in a YouTube video.

But it really comes down to if you want people to find you. I've been so successful at it that I get new clients sending me emails all of the time, asking for Graphic Design work, or cartoons. I also -sigh- get hundreds of junk emails (most of which get filtered out, but way too many get through). In the last few years I've been able to live the dream of working in the digital world. My work requests come through cyberspace, I submit the artwork there, and I get paid there. I never need to leave the house until I need to go get milk. I can live anywhere with electricity and high-speed internet service.

So, as you can imagine, everything I do is public, from Google+ to Facebook. No, I'm not always selling stuff, I'm just letting people know that I'm there. If you visit my Facebook page, you'll see a lot of pictures of my dog, and this blog post will be there in a few minutes. I'm a citizen of Glendale, Arizona, of the world, and of cyberspace.

If you're on the other side of the equation, and would like to keep as private as possible, I understand that, too. And it's not as difficult to stay "under the radar" as a lot of people think. In fact, some of my clients had what I called a "stealth website" - they were impossible to find on the web even if I knew exactly where they were. The web, and the world, is crowded place, and gets more crowded all of the time. Yes, you're still gonna be in the crowd, but chances are you'll be on page 1,876 of a Google search. Set your Facebook settings to private, and post and comment as little as possible. Facebook isn't a Google product, so it doesn't do much to enhance your SEO, anyway.

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