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November 17, 2016

YouTube video - do people need to see your face?

If you write a blog, like I do, you may have been considering making it a video blog. That is, instead of making people read, speaking to them. And that's a great idea. People love the spoken word.

But that leaves you with a question - do they need to see your face? And, of course, it depends.

There's nothing wrong with your face. You look great. But really, is your blog about your face? If it's a blog about makeup, yes it is. If it's a blog about exercise, then people really do need to see you. If it's anything that requires a demonstration, then it's good to show people your face, your body, your hands.

But very often it's not absolutely necessary to show your face. I write a blog about the history of Phoenix and nowadays I'm doing the first steps to transition it over to YouTube. At first I thought that I would have to learn to sit in front of a camera and smile brightly, but really, I don't need to. My blog is not about my face, or what I'm wearing. I want to show old photos of Phoenix, and talk about them, expressing my opinions. So a voice is a requirement, not a face.

Since I've done some public speaking, especially teaching, I know the importance of the spoken word. I know how important it is to avoid a lot of "uhhhs" when you're talking and that people like you to get to the point when you talk. I have a friend who has a recording studio who does professional voice work and I will listen to his coaching. There's a different dynamic needed for the recorded voice than the In Real Life voice, and my friend knows about that.

So that's the plan. I'm not hiding my face, but it's not really an important part of this project. The most important part is the writing, assembling the images, the voice, and the editing. I'll let you know how it goes.

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