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Creating a group that only you can post to on Facebook

I collect old photos of Phoenix, and enjoy sharing them on the internet. At first I put them on web pages, which was a lot of work, and then I discovered Google+ and started posting them there. If you've never been to Google+, and have no intention of ever using it, I understand. I've posted there for about five years, and I've seen that it never really caught on. But I liked my ability to post stuff, and it really was all about my sharing the photos, and that's all. I'm not selling anything, I'm not trying to get people all riled up. It's just for fun. And I know that Facebook can be a nasty place, where people post things just to make for drama. I don't like drama. I liked posting the photos, and reading the comments, which were mostly memories of Phoenix, or "hey, I didn't know about that!"

So yesterday I created a group on Facebook. I wanted it to be like Google+, but not quite as empty. As of this writing, December 17, 2016, I'm seeing Google+ turn into a ghost town. Anyway, my goal is to share, and have a lot of fun, but not have one of those Facebook groups which turns into a mess because everyone is posting stuff. Yes, I wanted control. And I was surprised to find that you can do it. When you create the group, you can select that only the administrators (that's you) can post.

Edit Group Settings. Under the three little dots.

This wonderful setting is hidden away under the three dots (why do they do that?), which drops down so that you can select "Edit Group Settings". Of course, Facebook changes this all of the time, so if you're reading this in the future, it will probably be somewhere else. But it looks like it's actually there, and that's what matters.

If they haven't changed it yet, it will be down towards the bottom, so you gotta scroll. It says Only admins can post to this group - which means if that if it's your page, only you can post there.

No, you can't turn off comments, so you'll have to monitor the trolls and the spam. Sorry, it's the internet! On my Phoenix page I really do want comments, and not just "great!" I want people to say "Hey, that was my uncle's place" or "Don't you mean looking southwest, not southeast?" (I get turned around easily).

I just created my Phoenix Historical Images page on Facebook last night, but so far it looks promising. There are a whole lot more people on Facebook than on Google+, so hopefully it will help me share more. That's what I really want.