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How Facebook can enrich your life, if you do it right

Facebook can be an awful place. It can be a place filled with drama, and ranting. I was shocked when I realized that, many years ago, and I suspended my Facebook account. Then I returned to Facebook after a friend of mine died. And little by little I found that Facebook is like any other place of social interaction, it can be wonderful place, too. It can provide comfort to people in grief, it can lift you up when you need it, it can enrich your life. I know.

Before you make that New Year's Resolution to remove the Facebook app from your phone, or to get rid of Facebook, I ask you to reconsider how you use Social Media. If you're a good person, which I know you are, you don't want to see nasty posts from angry people. That's no way to brighten your day! And unfortunately, some people just like to say nasty things. I've seen it all of my life. There's really nothing you can do with these people, except ignore them. And on Facebook that's easy, you can unfollow them. No, I don't mean unfriend them (everyone know how rude that is), you unfollow them. That way they can go on ranting and you never see their stuff. That's a good start. Unfollow people who rant. They may, or may not ever know, and the important thing is that they're not annoying you.

Cycads. And a wiener dog.

Another thing that I recommend is joining a group. I joined the group Planet Cycad because of my interest in cycads. Everyone there, all over the world is interested in cycads. They post photos of cycads, they talk about cycads. I just love it. Every time I look at Facebook, I see cycads. I just love cycads!

My group on Facebook with cool old photos of Phoenix

If you're not into cycads, may I suggest my group, which is old photos of Phoenix Arizona? I just started it a few days ago, and I have the settings so that only I (the administrator of the group) can post. Anyone can comment, but I delete nasty and spam comments right away. I live in cyberspace so it's not difficult for me. If you don't live on your computer, I can't recommend that you create and manage a group. It's no problem for me, I enjoy it. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer, and it gives me something to do when I'm nervously waiting to hear back from a client.

I find that being on Facebook enriches my life. I enjoy sharing common interests with people. And I gotta admit that I get a big kick out of the fact that it's summer in Australia when it's winter here! Thank you, cycad people! I guess it's the old "pen-pal" nerd in me. The world is filled with wonderful people, and a lot of them are on Facebook. I hope to see you there.