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How people get rich after posting something on the internet

We've all seen things on the internet that "go viral". That means that suddenly they become very popular. Someone may post a photo of their cat, and suddenly it's being viewed by millions of people, and shared. And for most people, that's where it ends. With a lot of exposure, a lot of "likes", a lot of "thumbs up", a lot of shares, because there's no money directly from that. But some people get rich. And no, it doesn't happen because the internet suddenly starts throwing them money, Google doesn't just suddenly start sending money to people just because their stuff is popular. It's about the Marketing.

This can be a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. I'm an old Marketing guy, so when I see something become wildly popular, my first thought is how that person could make money from it. And for many people that's when things get ugly, and sordid. Because it's a question of "cashing in", which many people refuse to do.

If they do want to "cash in", they'll have to do more than be popular. They'll need to do what is called "Monetizing" - which is the internet word for making money out of something. Usually these people are approached by Marketing people with a proposal. And that's why you see a YouTube channel that's suddenly merchandising stuff, like books, or clothing.

Another way that anyone can make money on the internet is through programs like Adsense, which is part of Google. If I posted a video of my dachshund, and it got millions of views, I would make money because Adsense is based on the number of ad views, and the number of ad clicks. If I took a picture of my dog and posted it on Instagram, it would make my dog famous, but it wouldn't make me any money. And that leads to...

The big money is in merchandising. Merchandising means taking the fame found on the internet and producing something tangible, like a book. Believe me, if pictures of my dachshund went viral, and millions of people all over the world were talking about her, and sharing her photo, I would hear very quickly from a publisher, with a sweet deal. The publisher could actually write the book, not just publish it, and all I would need to do would be to sign a contract, and watch the money roll in.

Image above: the Grumpy Cat book. You probably know Grumpy Cat, and you've probably liked, and shared Grumpy Cat. And if you've bought the book, you've made Grumpy Cat rich. Merchandising is where the money is.