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How to have an attitude of success

I like the idea of success. As a teacher, I liked to see my students successfully pass the class. When someone goes to a job interview, I like to hear that they were successful in getting the job. And I was fortunate enough to learn about attitude when I was only 21, when I met Joel Weldon.

Joel Weldon is a Motivational Speaker. His motto is "Success comes in cans, not in cannots". And his business card is a can with that motto written on it. So when I first started drawing the cartoons for his presentations and newsletter, I was fascinated. I read what he had to say, I listened to his talks. I've been a follower of Joel Weldon for over thirty years, and when I'm at my best speaking, I'm imagining that I'm Joel.

The attitude of success can be puzzling to a lot of people. Since I brought this attitude to the classroom, a lot of students couldn't understand why the class wasn't about excuses, and giving up, and all the reasons why something couldn't be done. Many people had their list, and their carefully-prepared speech as to why they couldn't possibly do something because of... (whatever).

I'm still not a good listener to excuses. No, that doesn't mean that I'm a cruel taskmaster. But I believe in success so much that I hate to see people give up. Yeah, there have been many time I've failed, I know, but I've always tried to encourage people to try "just a little bit".

Once, during a drawing class, a student walked up to my desk while everyone else was drawing, and started talking to me. His eloquence was actually quite amazing. He had so many compelling reasons why nothing could be done by him, and he was so convincing. He told me that he was in the wrong place, that he had no talent, and that he had no interest in drawing, or being creative. His speaking skills, and I'm not kidding here, made me think that this young man could have been a lawyer, or anyone who persuades with the spoken word. Actually, I was kind of jealous of him for that. But I asked him what did he want? Did he want to learn to draw? And it came down to that. When he said "yes", I asked him why he was up here talking to me while everyone else was drawing. And he went and sat down, and got busy drawing. And he was good!

There are so many reasons to fail. The world is a difficult, and competitive, place. It's a dog-eat-dog world where nobody ever gets a chance. I could go on and on, but I'm not as good with this list as some people, who could talk for hours. And I agree that there are a lot of reasons why something can't be done. But there's only one reason that it can be done: you.

Now get out there and be successful! You can do this!

Success Comes in Cans ® Joel Weldon and Associates. Used with permission.