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Why internet advertising that moves is so annoying

If you're like most people, you HATE advertising on the internet. In the bad old days, ads would "pop up" in front of you (some still do that!), and one of the most popular tricks was to create an animation, so that the movement would attract your eye.

People HATE that. Having something moving out of the corner of your eye while you're trying to focus is wildly annoying. I love my dog, but if she were jumping up and down next to my computer, I'd yell at her to go away. And if it were up to me, it would be illegal for someone to stand on a street corner twirling a sign while I'm watching for pedestrians crossing the street.

Motion advertising is nothing new. Neon lights in the 1920s were designed to flash on and off to simulate movement, people who stand on street corners and shout things find that they attract more attention if they wave their arms.

Motion advertising jars on the nervous system. It's used by advertisers who don't know any better. As a Graphic Designer, I've always been a believer in attracting attention through beautiful design. I enjoy looking at magazine ads, and I always have. A lot of people do! I'm not much for newspapers, but the ads there don't bother me.

When you see an ad on the internet in motion, you can tell that advertising on the web is failing. This is the last resort of people who don't know what else to do. And, unfortunately, advertising on the web has been a failure for over a decade. So many things have been tried, and if now you're seeing an ad with a goofy face waving at you, or little stars in motion, rest assured that it's because the ad isn't attracting attention, and they're desperate.

Advertising on the internet can make people HATE your product or service. It's already an intrusion, and making it move just makes it worse. I wish I could stop it, but I can't, so I'll rant about it a bit here.

If you want to advertise on the web, have a good, legible design done. Find a Graphic Designer who knows how to design for the quick glance, like a billboard. If they suggest flashing lights and movement, find someone else.