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Why you should, or shouldn't, create a Group, not a Page, on Facebook

I just created a Group page on Facebook a couple of days ago where I post photos of old Phoenix, which is my hobby. I love to share them on the internet, and long ago I would create web pages, and then I put them on a "business page" on Google+ (although it was never a business), and now they're on a group page on Facebook.

Like most people, I learn best by doing, and although I had the option of choosing either a "Group" or a "Page", at first glance I didn't see much difference, and the help menu seemed to imply that "Pages" were for promoting things like businesses, celebrities, etc. So as far as I could tell, the word "Page" in Facebook means a business page, and the word "Group" is the equivalent of a Community on Google+.

Of course, once you select either "Group" or "Page" you can't change it, but I'm glad I selected "Group". The group page that I created I have set to only allow admins (that's me) to post, but of course comments are welcomed. The category I selected was "Study Group" because although it's just for fun, part of the fun for me is to post photos and have people say "I think you mean that you're looking northwest" or "I used to live in the neighborhood and we always called it 'Chicken Park'", stuff like that. So I'll be the only one posting photos, but discussions will be interesting, and informative.

Another reason that I like the Group setting is that my face shows up on posts and comments, not some anonymous company logo. I was never comfortable with my comments on my Google+ Phoenix page showing the avatar for the page (which was the skyline of Phoenix) and I always made a point to sign my comments with my name. Now on Facebook, I don't have to do that because my name and face always shows. I like having people in the group know who I am, and it not have me hiding behind something, as if I were the "Wizard of Oz" or something. I guess on a business page, anyone who works there could post, and it would make more sense to seem as if the business were talking, not an individual.

Another difference between a Facebook "Group" and a "Page" is that with a group, even an open one, people have to request to get in. On a page they don't. So while I considered it kind of strange that people have to "knock at the door" to be let in, it's really not so bad. I can approve from my desktop, phone or tablet, and I check Facebook every day, so it's not a problem. Besides, I kinda like seeing who's "walking in through the door". I'm still not entirely clear about the difference between and open and closed groups, but I'm sure I'll figure it out. From what I've seen, groups start as open and then close, so it must have something to do with spam, or trolls.

When I first created my Phoenix Historical Images page on Google+ five years ago, there were only two options - personal and business. Community pages didn't exist then. And when they appeared I realized that that is where my Phoenix page should be. But since you can't convert over there, either, I decided to make the move to Facebook. In reality Facebook should use the word "Community" for groups and "Business" for pages, but I suppose they mean well.

I'm glad to be part of the community (oops I meant group) of Facebook!

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