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Creating a blog post on an iPad

When I got my first “portable computer”, which was a Chromebook, the idea was just to have something to use while I was away on vacation. I figured out a bunch of stuff, and then I figured that I needed an iPad, which is what I’m typing on right now.

But I’m not trying to use the keyboard on the screen, or voice-to-text, I’m using the old wireless keyboard from my old computer. And I find that it takes some getting used to.

The first thing that I discovered is that writing within applications on an iPad is pretty annoying for someone like me, who’s used to the luxury of space on my Mac. So I’m using a trick that I sometimes also use on my desktop computer, I’m writing the raw text here (this is Google Docs I’m typing in right now, and I’ll copy and paste it into Blogger.

Of course, there’s no mouse, so you have to touch the screen, and a little magnifying glass pops up, and then you have to move it around to find your place again. It’s annoying, but all it takes is practice, and that’s what I’m doing. I’m sure the first time that I used a mouse it was annoying - but that was a loooong time ago!

Of course autocorrect fights you every inch of the way, but I like to leave it on, I find that it actually helps (in its own annoying way). I just discovered (accidentally) that you can get the on-screen keyboard by hitting the eject key (upper right, has an arrow on little base, or dash). Not sure why I’d need that, but now I know. I also type very fast, and I’m standing, so I accidentally hit other keys, and something else pops up, like emojis. The value of making mistakes!

OK, now I’ll “select all” (with my fingers) copy and paste this into Blogger! Wow, it fights you every inch of the way! Can't recommend doing this.