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How to get 20 "likes" on Instagram in three seconds, and why it happens

Since I've been learning about Instagram, I've been experimenting with hashtags. Today I put together a pretty good list, and when I posted a cartoon of my dog there, it got twenty likes in three seconds.

Of course that just means that there are twenty sites out there that automatically "like" something with a certain hashtag. There may be one actual human being whose seen my post in three seconds, but I doubt it. I even got a robot comment "Hey, I like your image!" a few seconds later. And I guess this is a very popular thing to have set up on Instagram. This is why: to get people to visit you.

Whenever you see someone "like" your Instagram post, your first thought is to try to figure out who they are. It may be a friend, or a secret admirer! So you click on their profile image and it takes you to their page. And there you are, at their page, which where they want to you to be, maybe looking at the cool stuff that they sell there. And that's the trick.

I just got twelve more likes in the time it took me to write the few paragraphs above, and it probably happened even quicker. Robots are fast! I even have a few people who are now following me, as that's an even better way to get someone to a page, to be a follower. Since I now have over thirty "likes", with more to come I'm sure, I'll be more inspired to visit the page of followers, not just likers.

Looks like I got a little "dog" emoticon. This is also a nice touch that the robots do. It's a comment, so it's not just a "like", and it inspires you to go and check out who said that?

Of course, I'm just promoting my cartoon illustrations on Instagram, I'm not trying to communicate with friends. Instagram has turned into a place of robots, and they're not that much fun to talk to, and so I'll continue being a live human being, and posting with real human hands and fingers.