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How to promote your business on Social Media

If you have a business, it's a good idea to promote it. If it's a respectable business, like mine is, you really don't want to "spam" people, or do internet advertising. Everyone hates that, and it makes you look terrible. You're not terrible, and you're not cheating anyone, you just have a good product or service that you would like people to know about. So this is how you do it:

• Create a business page on Facebook. Don't post business-related stuff on your personal Facebook page. Ever. Yes, by all means invite your friends to "like" your page - that won't do them any harm, they won't be spammed by it, but then leave it at that. Don't be telling people on your personal page all about your business. Your friends love you, but they aren't your customers, or potential customers. Creating the page, and posting stuff on it, is all you have to do. It's called establishing a presence. And by the way, don't fall for the stuff Facebook tries to sell you to promote your page, it's worthless, and worse than that, it's annoying to people. My Facebook business page is here if you want to look at it.

• Create a business page on Google+. You should already have a Google+ profile, which is the equivalent of a Facebook personal page, and from that you can make a business page. My Google+ business page is here if you want to look at it. You need a presence on Google+ because that's how customers are going to find you, through a Google search. No, not ads, just a listing, which is free. People skip over the ads.

If you sell to other businesses, you may want to post some stuff on Linkedin, but keep it low-key. If you come off sounding like you're advertising, people will ignore you. I'm in the business of helping businesses, so when I share on Google+, I'm giving away free samples. If you're reading this because you saw it on Linkedin, thank you. And feel free to use any of my cartoons for free. If you need something custom-made, contact me.

If you sell tangible items, like t-shirts or stuff like that, it's wise to create a board on Pinterest and promote it there. People love looking at stuff there, and instead of "advertising" to them, you're showing them where they can get cool stuff. Everyone loves shopping, no one likes being sold to.

Don't forget to Tweet. Yeah, I know that Twitter seems to be kinda out of fashion nowadays, but a lot of people use it, especially businesses. Same with Instagram. Don't do anything elaborate, just let the world know that you're there.

I hope this helps. And if it saves you from wasting your money on internet advertising that would be nice. It can also mean less annoying ads on the internet, which are an annoyance and a waste of time. Use your time, and money, wisely.