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The very fine line between promoting your business, and spamming

Everyone hates spam. It's the same as "junk mail", crowding emails with unwanted solicitations, most of them questionable, if not downright objectionable. And if you've been thinking about promoting your business, be careful of anything that looks like spam.

Of course, it's a very fine line, and it depends on people's point of view. Many people, especially elderly people, like coupons, limited-time offers, discounts, that sort of thing. And if you're older and wiser you can recognize a bargain when you see it, but many people, especially younger people (who have no experience with the price of things), are not attracted to that. As a (relatively) young person myself, when elderly people forward me emails about a bargain, to me it's just like getting spam.

If you have a business, and want it to succeed, you have to let people know about it. If it's a hotdog stand on a lonely stretch of road, people will see it going by. You don't really need to "advertise", because your advertising is just your presence on that road. If your hot dog stand was hidden behind a fence, with no sign, no one would see it, and no one would stop. That's what promotion is all about - being visible.

So be visible, but don't spam. Yeah, I know that there are people who don't want to see anything commercial at all. Your hotdog stand by the side of the road is just an eyesore to many people, who would rather look at the scenery. So, for them, you really can't win. But don't give up!

Most people like to buy stuff. They like to know about a great product or service. Many people know that when they shop local, they're supporting their neighbors, and their community. They like your product your service, and they want your stuff. But you have to let them know that you're in business. Show them, but don't spam them!