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What happens when you like a Facebook business page

Since I created a Facebook business page a few days ago for my Graphic Design and Cartooning, I was curious to see what happens after someone likes it. Absolutely nothing happens, which is great.

I have to admit to being kinda nervous about asking my Facebook friends to like my page. That is, they just clicked the "like" button. I had feared that my posts would make a mess of their pages, or that they would get what amounted to "spam" from me. But no worries. Because unlike a regular Facebook page, a business page will allow you to like it without following you around. You aren't being its friend.

I don't know about you, but I resented how much my "thumbs up" and "likes" followed me around. I much prefer the system that Instagram uses, where you can like something but it doesn't automatically do anything. And apparently Facebook business pages are this civilized, too. Following and liking are too different things. My friends may be enthusiastic and supportive of my business, but they don't need a continuous "sales pitch" from me in their Facebook feeds. Luckily, that doesn't happen. Pretty cool, Facebook! You got this one right!

So go ahead and like a Facebook business page. Their stuff won't end up in your feed, and they won't be a "friend" - they won't see your stuff and you won't see their stuff. This is nice. It gives a presence on Facebook for my business without being annoying.