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When to use hashtags #, and when not to, on Social Media

If you've been on Instagram, or Twitter, or Facebook, or just about any type of Social Media and you've been wondering about stuff that looks like this:

#Cartoons #Vector #Drawing #AdobeIllustrator #Illustration #Sketch #GraphicDesign #Vector #Funny #Happy #Artist #Fun #Silly #Goofy

You've seen how businesses help people to find them. Yes, it's for businesses. I'm in the business of drawing cartoons, for example, so I use hashtags that will allow some to search for cartoons, or whatever else I can think of that describes what I do, which includes #Silly and #Goofy. If you're promoting your business through Social Media, it's a good idea. However, if you're just posting personal stuff, it's wrong. In fact, so many people get this wrong that I'll often see my goofy friends on Facebook write funny hashtags that have no real meaning, they're just funny, and poking fun at people who mistakenly use hashtags because, well, they saw someone else do it, I guess.

If you are promoting your business, it's good to use hashtags. And it's wise to have them somewhere that you can copy-and-paste them, and add to that list as you think of new keywords. Because that's what these are: keywords that help people to search. When someone is searching for something in particular on Instagram, for example, dachshunds, it helps people find dachshund stuff, most of which is going to be businesses. The page will have a lot of hashtags, like #Dachshund #WienerDog #doxie #HotDogDog, like that. Whether it's written in caps or not doesn't matter, but if it's two words it can't have any spaces, so I like to use caps like this: #SillyDog

So, if you're not in business, there's no reason to use hashtags. If you are, it's smart. Because people don't want to be sold stuff, but they do want to find stuff. And hashtags will help people to find your stuff.

By the way, it doesn't do any harm to put hashtags on your social media posts. It just looks like you're trying to sell something. But if you are trying to sell something, even just promoting yourself, go ahead and use them.