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Why you should, and shouldn't click on links

Links on the web can be wonderful, and they can be awful. If you've heard that you shouldn't ever click on links, it's good advice. Links (technically they're called hyperlinks) can take you to some very awful places. There are a lot of bad guys out there, who can redirect a link that says "read more about cute kitties" to something that you really don't want to see. So it's wise not to click on links, certainly never on a link in an email from someone you don't know.

And that's really the point. You know me, or you wouldn't be here. You may know me from Facebook, you may be one of my connections on LinkedIn, you may follow this blog. And so I do encourage you to click on links, because it will take you to a world of more than just "memes" and silly pictures.

Speaking for myself, I always want to learn more. I resent simplistic stuff, and I will take the time to find out more about things that interest me. And there's a lot of great information on the web. To get to it, you have to click links. It could be a link from a Google search, it could be a link from a Facebook page. And that's how the World Wide Web works, everything is searchable, and available, with links.

I'm an old teacher, and I know that the best teachers don't tell you what to see, they tell you where to look. And my best students didn't want me to give them simple answers, they wanted to know how to learn more. In the '90s I directed them to the library, now it's the internet. There's a lot of great stuff out there, you just have to know how to find it. Just like using a library.

Yes, the internet is a scary place, and so is the world outside of your door. When I step outside of my door, I take a risk. But I stay close to home, and I surround myself with friends. It's the same with the internet. I have trusted sources of information on the web, places that I go back to all of the time, places where I read stuff every day. And that's where you start if you want to explore. Start with who you trust. If it's me, I'm flattered.